Cheap Web Domain and Hosting – A Contemporery List

Web Domains and Hosting plans can change in terms of their quality sometimes, so this is why we have called this post a contemporary list of the top hosts. That said, there are so many companies, with so much intense competition that it is always possible to find a missing gem of a host, which has everything what you’re looking for, except the rankings on Google to be found, nor the highlights in conventional media, like magazines or top internet websites which discuss IT related topics.

So where does one find this so called rare gem of a host? and is there even a list?

Actually, making a list is hard enough, as it requires experience over a period of time, but when you do find one host with such rare qualities, then you stick to it.

Our host analysis expert, Harry Conner, went on the look for the ideal host, that provides cheap web domains and hosting for good deals, and after going through the most easily found hosting companies, he dug deeper into the rabbit hole, and found what is ever rarer than a 20 carrot Diamond!

Introducing our newest find, iClickster. (.com or – both work the same) – Providing both, Windows and Linux hosting and WordPress.

iClickster has been rated the cheapest (value for money) WordPress hosting provider in the UK by many independent websites – this means cheap whilst keeping high quality standards with fast support, please see video below – we also examined iClickster’s Reviews via UK’s WordPress Hosting (WPHUK) and also some more iClickster reviews here among other places like Yahoo’s iClickster Reviews.


They have been around for over 10 years, servicing under a different name at the time, and focusing only on a small niche at the time, and expanding to the general public – they are one of the only providers that have a mega packed hosting and domain plans which are inclusive of deals that are normally charged a lot extra for.

Let’s take a look at them:

Unlimited Email accounts: I am sure you know that not many hosts allow you to create unlimited email address, they are generally limited unless you have a reseller account.

Email Forwarding: Many hosts charge additional for this, whilst iClickster provides it free.

Domain Mapping Facilities: This is charged extra by top domain providers like Godaddy.

There are too many to list, but they go on and on from SSH Access, Templates, Web builder, dozens of CGI Scripts, free server migrations, WordPress tools, and using only dell only servers with an uptime of 99% or greater, the last year it was

Cheapest Linux Hosting – Who’s Who

And the Cheapest Linux hosting award goes to?

Here are the top sites: – £1.99 a month for hosting unlimited websites – no hidden fees and no fixed contract. Fast support as well. They are by far the cheapest hosting service. – £20 a month for a dedicated VPS with some sites hosted and no other hidden fees. Support is not as fast, but reasonable.

The problem with finding a cheap web host is, that you have to dig through all the rubbish companies that hardly are worth even considering a host.

What we focus on is not only price, but also the quality of service despite the low price.


Godaddy Alternative

There are many reasons why you would want to find a GoDaddy alternative; either because you do not like their customer support, or you just do not like the actual services provided at the prices.

Short Answer for a GoDaddy Alternative:

iClickster has been online for several years and has a proven track record of delivering customer support and high quality hosting services, unlike Godaddy, which are not always as reliable in my experience.

The only other alternatives to Godaddy are Hostgator, but they are still more expensive than iClickster, and have less features for what you pay compared to iClickster; but I guess this is down to preference.